Album Cover

STG - No Longer Human

Side A

  1. Legacy of Hate 4:14
  2. Televangelism 3:36
  3. Straight I.V. of Anarchy 4:52
  4. Never Again 3:10
  5. Shallow Grave 4:19

Side B

  1. Advice to Adam 4:27
  2. Mortal 4:35
  3. Razor Raped Pain 11:21

This band has joined the ranks of the many who incorporate guitar work with drum rhythms, and samples. The style on this album varies widely, practically mirroring the way Ministry evolved. Moving from primarily drum machines and synth work, to solid thrash industrial, with a little noise work thrown into the last track to make you wonder, this album has the danceability of good EBM, combined with heavy guitar work the Trent Renzor fans love so much. Obvious influences include any early punk band, Broken era Nine Inch Nails, and Ministry. The album utilizes the right amount of sampling combined with guitar and synth work to bring about some very palatable light-thrash industrial. Very good bang for the buck. If you liked early Ministry or NIN, you'll love this band.

STG are: Shane Talada - David Skott - Chad Bishop - Allan King

All Songs by C. Bishop/S. Talada/A. King
Produced by STG and Spike Cassidy

Published by: Belligerent Banter Music (BMI)

P.O. Box 4208
Burbank, CA 91503-4208

Check out Chad Bishop's new band Idiot Stare.


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