STG (Screaming To God) - Vermin

Side A

  1. Classic Noise
  2. Shallow Grave
  3. Twisted
  4. Defenders
  5. Demon Possession
  6. Free Money
  7. Blind, Deaf & Dumb
  8. Demon Possession Part II

Side B

  1. Vermin
  2. No More Lies
  3. Puppy Inoculation

Having listened to STG's most recent release _No Longer Human_ first, this tape came as quite a surprise. Whereas the music in the past resembled a punk version of Ministry or Chemlab, this tape rarely uses a guitar at all, and instead stresses the keyboard and programming styles of its band members. Where live drums are used on NLH, synthetic drums take their place. I can't decide which I enjoy more. The band surely has talent to be able to switch from being dependent on artificial instruments on this tape to primarily guitars and drums on NLH. Except when I read the liner notes of the album, I notice the two key programmers are gone by the release of NLH. Very good album if you enjoyed NLH, you'll like this, just imagine NLH with all the guitar work, and live drums replaced with electronic substitutes, and you will auralize Vermin.

Copyright 1991 Screaming To God
Unauthorized copy of this tape is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED!!!

STG is:
Chad Bishop - programming, vocals
Peter Prins - vocals, programming
Eric Lilly - programming, backing vox
Allan King - guitar, programming, backing vox

P.O. Box 4208
Burbank, CA 91503-4208

Check out Chad Bishop's new band Idiot Stare.


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