Album Cover

Steven Dressler: Dotlip

Side 1:

  1. Mutation
  2. Ground Dweller
  3. Ropa Sucia
  4. Sofokos
  5. Mustard Been
  6. Isto Watso
  7. Colonial Behavior

Side 2:

  1. Intrilligator
  2. Merry Go Wrong
  3. Nitce
  4. Aster
  5. Thick Cuticle
  6. Liger
  7. Impugnent Square

A varied collection of sound construction and manipulations varying in length and intensity but usually centering around short percussive pieces derived from found sound samples. The remainder of the pieces, as I hesitate to call them music in the classical sense, and longer experimental ambient warbles drifting through canyons of echoed dissonance. There isn't enough substance in most of the pieces to pin down any specific concrete musical style other than experimental. I kind of felt cheated at the end of the cassette because just as any one of the pieces became remotely interesting they simply ended. Perhaps next time the artist can extend his work a few more minutes per piece to tantalize the ear just that much more.

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Princeton, NJ 08542


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