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State of Being: Dysfunctional Vision

  1. foresight 1:16
  2. vision 01 4:02
  3. no one 2:59
  4. instability 4:09
  5. virtual addiction 5:54
  6. sector 01 6:37
  7. funnel 3:24
  8. nightmare 5:10
  9. is it wrong to be human 3:09
  10. defense mechanism 4:18
  11. vision 02 5:46
  12. all i see 4:31
  13. instability (volatile) 4:08
  14. defense mechanism (extended anxiety) 4:50

Dysfunctional Vision is a collection of tracks taken in part from a pile of old demo tapes and CD releases and assembled together with a few new tracks into a semblance of an album. This is an extremely popular way to release music these days by an independent artist that had very little cash on hand and who wants to release their entire back catalogue when a windfall comes their way. In the case of State of Being I'm left a little mixed on my opinion if this was such a good idea. Some of the older tracks have a very tacky and outdated synth-pop sound to them while many of the newer tracks have a thoughtful well laid out electronic dance appeal and there is very little happy medium in between. So we are left with a loose collection of tracks who wander back and forth across the electronic music medium without a great deal of common ground between them. In retrospect this serves only as a minor distraction as the majority of the music itself is extraordinarily well thought out. There is just enough depth of sound and arrangement of samples in the older music to make it palatable and the newer music has just the correct subtle bluntness to appeal to the more modern electro scene. Overall not a half bad album regardless of the obvious time transition of the music.

State of Being is: Christopher A. Foldi

State of Being
P.O. Box 360271
Cleveland, OH 44136
(216) 521-6763


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