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Sri Lanka: Here

  1. Mantra
  2. Beyond the Pain
  3. Fountains of Mirage
  4. Here
  5. X
  6. Lucinda
  7. Reaching
  8. Fields of Everafter (superheavypowergoththing remix)

Mantra drifts into a middle eastern woodwind sound, punctuated by wafting voices, with occasional thundering drums and percussion which flows suddenly into Beyond the Pain. Light guitars merge with mild synth work, percussion and Eddie Vedder like vocalist. Fountains of Mirage builds upon the guitar, and drives the goth pop sound into the open. Here purveys biblical lyrics with mourning sad vocals, and strong guitar chords. X is very Pearl Jam like, but without the stupid Grunge style guitars, substituting a healthy bass guitar in it place. Lucinda returns to a classical and mildly tribal guitar and drum pattern, with soothing vocals building into a strong Seattle sound. Reaching is another strong guitar piece very reminiscent of Pearl Jam in every way. Fields of Everafter begins with a watery metallic rhythm, a very chords on a keyboard, and storms into a solid wall of guitars and intelligent lyrics. Sri Lanka, while sounding a great deal like a Pearl Jam at times, still has many things going for it, mostly the keyboard area. Ear catching rhythms, percussion, and synth work return this band from the brink of sounding just like every other Seattle clone. Highly recommended if you like a light pop guitar, mixed with a goth electronic sound.

Sri Lanka is:
Jose Maldonado - vocals
Eric Stein - guitar
Jeffrey Erb - bass guitar
Robert Studt - keyboards
Michael Chairs - drums

Neverland Records
P.O. Box 311
Devon, PA 19333


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