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Spiral Realms: Trip To Go

  1. A Trip To G9
  2. Elements II
  3. Red Giant
  4. Tritium
  5. 1000 Years Under Solar Sails
  6. Solar Flares

At first listen, I almost threw this CD into the trash can I was so sickened by the sound. Then after the ferret dragged it out, I decided fate allowed for a closer expectation of the album. Ambient it is, but in various places, it sounds like space rock, which should not be surprising due to the fact that the band is entirely composed of one person, and he is an ex-member of Hawkwind, one of the premire space rock bands of the seventies. However, if you skip track four entirely, the album is actually just as the title suggests, a trip to go, and where your going in deep into the realms of unexplored galaxy on a space liner straight out of a Flash Gordonesque space opera. Are you catching the hint yet? Beyond the face value of the music, it's just another ambient project like so many others, and in the case of this album, a rather short project at that.

Spiral Realms is the electronic ambient space project of Simon House (ex Hawkwind)

Cleopatra Records
8726 S. Sepulveda, Ste. D-82
Los Angeles, CA 90045


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