Spasm: Smear

  1. Michael Said To Me
  2. Burn Teen Burn
  3. Go Away And Die
  4. The Presidents Song
  5. Ignorance Is Bliss
  6. Lumin
  7. If I Cut The Globe
  8. The Blind Messengers
  9. Baraka San
  10. John Cage Said
  11. All That is Good
  12. Take My Arms And Do What You Will

As on their debut album, this new Spasm record was compiled from a variety of spontaneous live material yet it is a definite far cry from their previous release. This time around, the Invisible Records gang has shyed away from experimental ambient texturing in favor of a more upbeat and almost funky sound. All flavors of percussion are featured throughout the album, from the usual acoustic drum kit, to oil drums, as well as electronic percussion. Guitars are used as well, although in a minimal amount to keep rhythm and add finite sections of discord to moments of musical tranquillity. As a result the music is much more upbeat and focused around a more structured compositional style than ever before. Of course there are a handful tracks that utilize the noiser, less structured elements that Eric Pounder and Mark Spybey seem to prefer, but they are used much less this time around. While some Chicagoans might still be upset from the cancellation of last summer's Download show, the fact that the Invisible army decided to use their resultant spare time to compose this album while there were in town, is certainly a positive notation in my musical catalogue.

Spasm is: Mark Spybey, Curse Mackey, Martin Atkins, Eric Pounder & Satan.

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60618

E-mail: invisihq@aol.com

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