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Spahn Ranch: Retrofit

  1. In The Aftermath (Astralasia Mix)
  2. Black Skinned Blue Eyeds Boys (David Harrow Mix)
  3. U Tell Em U (Matt's Righteous Mix)
  4. In The Aftermath (LCD Mix)
  5. Monochrome (JLAB Eugenics Mix)
  6. Black Skinned Blue Eyed Bots (Transmutator Mix)
  7. Monochrome (Databomb Mix)
  8. Incubate (Play Music Mix)
  9. Architecture in Dub
    1. Scarpa
    2. Fuller
    3. Wright
  10. In The Aftermath (Earth Shock Mix)

As one might expect for Cleopatra Records, a remix EP immediately follows the release of a full length album by artists on the label. This time the band is Spahn Ranch, with a suitably reworked EP aptly titled "Retrofit" for the album "Architecture". Spahn Ranch recruits of its local Techno talent in the form of Astralasia, Transmutator, LCD and Noise Box as well as several their own remixes. The surprise remix of the EP is the Earthshock Shock Mix of 'In The Aftermath' performed by noted New York City DJ Bent. Almost all of the remixes on "Retrofit" are drastically reworked, club friendly, Techno grooves. The sole exception, however, is the Play Music Mix of 'Incubate' which is just an instrumental version of the original track. Overall, "Retrofit" is a fine collection of Trance, Dub, Drum'n'Bass, and Jungle mixes of classic Spahn Ranch tunes. This EP should certainly drive all the club kiddies crazy, but die-hard Electro fans should stay away due to the repetition factor.

Spahn Ranch is:
Athan Maroulis - vocals, lyrics
Matt Green - programming, synths, samples
Harry Lewis - percussion
David Parkinson - percussion

Cleopatra Records
13428 Maxella Ave #251
Marina Del Ray, CA 90292


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