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Various Artists: Sounds For The Asylum 1

  1. Negative Format - White Walls Turn Red (Crimson Mix) 4:44
  2. Gridlock - Halo (Rebirth) 3:19
  3. Shade Factory - Dream On (Steel Version) 5:00
  4. Terminal Choice - Deathwish 7:38
  5. Manhole Vortex - Telepathik 5:48
  6. Scar Tissue - Crashtime 5:54
  7. Mark 13 - Strategem (Interrogation Mix) 4:29
  8. Thine Eyes - Thieve's Dance (Ammendments Part 2) 4:53
  9. Christ Analogue - Wear - 3:52
  10. Neuroactive - Shapeless (re-Shaped) 4:40
  11. Signal To Noise - The 12th Hours 2:45
  12. Crocodile Shop - Funeral March (SMP remix) 5:16
  13. Luxt - Turbulence 3:32
  14. Chaingun Operate - Accelerate (US Mix) 3:57
  15. Mindless Faith - Our Way Down (Elecro-Purity Mix) 4:07

"Sounds From The Asylum 1" is the first companion CD released in conjunction with the premire issue of Base Asylum magazine. Base Asylum, is the newest publication by James Cooney, best known for his work with The Frequency Project, an interactive Industrial magazine for PC's. Each artist on the compilation is spotlighted in an article in the magazine, much like in Culture Shock, Side-Line and Vertigo. What makes this release so different, is that instead of focusing on big name bands or all European artists, the music is taken from lesser known, unsigned artists about to burst forth from the underground. As a result, almost all of the material on this CD has either never been released or is an exclusive remix unavailable anywhere else. If the quality of this compilation is any indication of the forthcoming magazine, Base Asylum should appear on the scene with a thunderous reception.

Base Asylum
P.O. Box 213
Exton, PA 19341-0213


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