Album Cover

Sonic Subjunkies: Molotov Lounge

  1. Intro
  2. Welcome to Central Industrial
  3. Das Elektraphon
  4. Suicide Box
  5. Do You Even Know Who You Are?
  6. Statement
  7. Your Friend The Machine
  8. Live From Jonestown
  9. Destroy
  10. 12,000 RPM
  11. Railton Road Blues

Sonic Subjunkies is a very intriguing band whose second album "Molotov Lounge", explores eleven very unique worlds. While technically not a concept album, one could argue that each individual track on this release is a concept album within itself. Each track is totally arranged, composed and executed around a collection of samples from a single source. As a result, each track stands, separate from it's brethren. The samples are primarily from three sources, Japanese Anime, Feature Films and political news footage with emphasis on the controversial, and downright strange. Musically the album flip flops between two extremes, blitzkreig Drum'n'Bass and Ambient with little room in between. At times the percussion is so calculatingly fast that the staccato rhythm is almost noise. Overall, I still wonder whether anyone can truly enjoy the disjointed nature of the music, samples, and presentation. While the music is certainly enjoyable at face value, at times the triteness of the samples and their obvious oregins make me wonder if the Sonic Subjunkies aren't a copyright violation waiting to happen.

Irislight Records
55 Hawkins Way
St. Columb Major
Cornwall, England


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