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Various Artists: Songs From The Wasteland

  1. Society Burning - Naked & Savage
  2. The Last Dance - Deliverance
  3. Christ Analogue - Garden of Delight
  4. Wreckage - Tower of Strength
  5. Hotbox - Wake (R.S.V.)
  6. Stone 588 - Spider and the Fly
  7. Tungsten Coil - Serpents Kiss
  8. Fahrenheit 451 - Wasteland
  9. The Shroud - Severina
  10. Purr Machine - Butterfly on a Wheel
  11. Cruciform - The Grapes of Wraith
  12. Desmo Donte - Raising Cain
  13. Ex-Voto - Blood Brother
  14. Human Drama - Kingdom Come
  15. Eva O. with Stun Gun - Love Me To Death

As far as tribute compilations go, "Songs from The Wasteland" is rather shallow and vapid. If it wasn't for the four Synthcore artists on this collection of The Mission covers by Gothic acts, this mediocre and monotonous release would fall flat on its face. As it is, the Society Burning, Christ Analogue, Hotbox, and Tungsten Coil material is some of their worst. Perhaps the problem here lies with the choice of cover material. The Mission were never a band I paid that much attention to in my youth because I always though they were, well, as mind-numbing as the High School pep rallies I was forced to attend. While others will certainly disagree, I found "Songs from The Wasteland" an apt title for a collection of tracks that are better off banished to the Gulag than reinterpreted by any collection of artists.

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