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Sonar: Overdose Simulation

  1. Shotgun Radio
  2. Bite Dog Bite!
  3. Strict Heat
  4. Crash and Learn
  5. Conformist
  6. Sucked
  7. Manic Room
  8. Spreading Mutations
  9. Route Diagonal
  10. Headweak
  11. Shotgun Radio (Monolith Remix)

Sonar is the blistering rhythmic noise side project from Dirk Ivens of Dive and Patrick Stevens of Hypnoskull. Imagine the brutal cacophony of a typical Merzbow album with a well defined cadence and random vocal samples. Unlike the Japan-noise of Masami Akita, however, Sonar's compositions remain just short of pure dissonance. Instead, they arrange the caustic elements with surgical precision suited for the dance floor and the percussion to mercilessly pummel the body into a well defined groove. Do not be intimidated by the aggressive discord of this album. Allow the album a chance to grow on you. Within a dozen listens you will unconsciously move random body parts in time with the structured meter. By then you will be hooked by the intriguing nature of this power noise phenomenon and will have to obtain the entire back catalogue of Sonar's greatest influence Esplendor Geometrico.

Sonar is: Dirk Ivens and Patrick Stevens

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Oakland, CA 94608


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