Solenoid: Demo

  1. Aefunk
  2. Kaiserv
  3. Pereg12
  4. Peregi
  5. TimeF
  6. Aesticc

Solenoid is a solo beat beased project out of Portland with a handful of demos, each is handmade and released throughout Oregon. Unlike the material usually composed by Solenoid's David Chandler, this demo is pattern based and sequenced. Like most Techno, it uses the standard 4/4 beats per measure. It is obvious that David is used to more free form musical composition because this music is devoid of life and inspiration. 'Kaiserv' and 'TimeF', however, are quite atypical and innovative and stand out from the rest of the material. Each track uses a catchy percussion line along with a fluid melody that interplay well with each other. Oddly, unlike most Techno, there is no bassline to speak of. The percussion is what drives the direction of the track. Obviously Solenoid needs to spend a little more time in the studio getting the grasp of the basics of structure based electronic composition, but if the two hilighted tracks of this demo are any indication, it shouldn't be long before Solenoid starts making a name for itself in the local scene.

Solenoid is: David Chandler

P.O. Box 1564
Portland, OR 97207


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