Social Interiors: Traces of Mercury

  1. Traces of Mercury 6:56
  2. Sub-lines 9:16
  3. Recent Alchemy 7:57
  4. Shroud of Doubt 5:31
  5. Navigation, The First Stage... (Dislocation) 17:57

The new release from Social Interiors is what you might expect from a usual Extreme Records release. Extreme has always been known for not treading down the path well traveled, but instead chosing to take the long arduous road in favor of finding true talent rather that commercial viability. In the case of Social Interiors, commercial acceptance is something unattainable, which band doesn't appear to phase the band at all. Musically "Traces of Mercury" is a collection of obscure audio samples and collages all assembled together in oddly soothing acoustic and digital arrangements. Social Interiors instruments of choice are those not normally chosen by conventional artists. Instead they have miked such diverse elements as satellite signals, lakes, and metal and timber wharves together with a variety of filters, vocoders, processors, and tape techniques to achieve their musical affirmation. The end result is a wondrous journey along the manipulation of found sounds which ends up as a very pleasing collection of white noise and atmospheric tracks that are perfect relaxants for a long day of work related stress.

Social Interiors is:
Rik Rue - digital and analogue tape manipulations
Shane Fahey - analogue tapes
Julian Knowles - sampler, synthesizers, digital processing

Extreme Records
P.O. Box 147
Preston 3072
Victoria, Australia

E-mail: extreme@well.com

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