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Snothead: Each It And I

  1. If I Only Had a Gun
  2. Blip
  3. Relax
  4. Modulations:

If there was ever an album that could perhaps step over the edge with the amount of politically sensitive material on it then Snothead's "Each It And I" might come very close. Every single track revolves around a different political agenda that it's artists feel very strongly about. These topics vary from censorship, vegganism, and gun control to vivisection. In fact a portion of every album sold is donated to PETA to aid in their fight to prevent cruelty to animals. Musically the album walks across the entire industrial genre from the synth poppy 'If I Only Had a Gun', the thrash guitar crossover of 'Relax', to the noise, feedback, and sample laden 'Sinister/Devine'. The lyrics express Snothead's political stance on all of the aforementioned topics through a variety of conventional and less than conventional means. For example the last track on the album, 'Charlotte's Web Site' consist almost entirely of sampled animal calls taken from an unknown source. Now while I don't necessarily agree with all of the viewpoints presented on this album, I most certainly agree with their rights to express these opinions. Politically minded listeners might want to give this album a listen, especially if they agree with some of the topics being discussed, while people not interested in heavy handed opinions might just want to stay away.

Snothead is:
Michael Howard - keyboards, drum programming, vocals
Ted Collins - rhythm guitar, backing vocals, lead guitar
Andy Breyer - lead guitar, rhythm guitar
Tony Heath - funky bass
Joanna Lavan - backing vocals

P.O. Box 4474
Louisville, KY 40204
(502) 425-4251


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