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Snog: Hooray!!

  1. Hooray!! 3:53
  2. Hooray!! (Black Lung and the Death Jungle 2000) 3:05
  3. Hooray!! (Space Cat and the Joys of Annihilation) 6:06
  4. Hooray!! (Haujobb and the Breadth of Destruction) 6:39
  5. Hooray!! (Severed Heads and the Mormon Choir) 5:02
  6. Hooray!! (Black Lung and the Cast of Thousands) 4:47
  7. Hooray!! (Shinjuku Filth and the Final Dump) 3:33
  8. One Beautiful Day Part 1 5:46
  9. One Beautiful Day Part 2 9:20

David Thrussel is known for extremely long singles and "Hooray!!" is no exception. Including the album version, there are seven distinctly different versions of the title track as well as two brand new compositions. Most of the cast of remixers are from the land down under, including Thrussel's alter ego Black Lung, as well as Severed Heads, Shinjuku Filth and Space Cat. The single European band is are none other than the IDM masters Haujobb. Overall, each track varies in mood, tempo, and execution with only the chorus and melody remaining in place. Oddly, my favorite remixes are the two Black Lung contraptions which function perfectly, likely because Thrussel is remixing his own compositions. "Hooray!!" is definitely a single to pick up for a half dozen IDM, Techno, and Power Noise remixes of your favorite Austrailian conspiracy theory band.

Snog is: David Thrussel & Pieter Bourke

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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