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Snog: Buy Me... I'll Change Your Life

  1. Light, Yet Refreshing
  2. Hooray!!
  3. Make the Little Flower Grow
  4. The Ballad
  5. The Prole Song
  6. Big Brother
  7. This is Capitolism
  8. The Human Germ
  9. Bastard Closet
  10. The Future
  11. The People of Straight Land
  12. The End (suite)

David Thrussel exhibits his huge Lee Hazelwood fetish with the release of "Buy Me... I'll Change Your Life". David even goes as far as covering a classic Hazelwood tune, 'Make the Little Flower Grow' with his own personal flair. Most of the album also has a profound Spaghetti Western influence running throughout including the use of stripped down percussion, acoustic guitar, and Country melodies. Some of you might be beginning to panic at the thought of such a well known artists being influenced by music played in line dancing bars, but rest assured, there isn't a note of modern Country music on this CD. Instead, what you are hearing is pioneer era Country & Western music mostly remembered on classic Western television shows like Bonanza. If you have experience the most recent Soma release, "The Inner Cinema", then you have a pretty good idea what I am talking about. This fusion of modern electronics, percussion, and Wild West rhythm is awe inspiring. I've never heard a better conceived genre crossover in years. Even the token ballad, aptly titled 'The Ballad' includes a female vocalist in a duet. Of course, the lyrical content of the album is still very paranoid, full of conspiracy and radical governmental accusations that we have come to expect from Snog. Yet the music is definitely quite unlike anything else in existence, and without regret I suggest that you buy it, it will change your life, it did mine.

Snog is: David Thrussel & Pieter Bourke

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105


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