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Snog: The Future

  1. The Future 5:19
  2. The Meat Boutique 4:28
  3. Naive Giant (F.E.M.A.) 4:35
  4. The Future (XX 00 02) 4:53
  5. We Decorate Your Life 3:25
  6. Semi-Violent 3:01
  7. The Future (XX 00 00) 5:20

Recently David Thrussell inked a multi-project album licensing deal with Metropolis which should make finding his material much easier. So with the advent of this new EP, Snog can finally be found again licensed to a domestic label. Once again David has taken to making his single more of an experimental stage than a true single release. Only the first track on this album contains anything vaguely resembling vocals. Instead the other two remixes of the title track and the three non album tracks are excursions into electronic noise experimentation. Each of which seem to contain more of a Black Lung essence to them rather than Snog. However this comes as no surprise as David seem to wander into more free form musical territory with each and every release which only serves to make the music more enjoyable in the end.

Snog is: David Thrussell, J. Bourke & T. McGrath

Metropolis Records
P.O. Box 54307
Philadelphia, PA 19105
(215) 413-1805


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