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Snog: Dear Valued Customer

  1. Invocation To The Fiscal Demon 01.44
  2. Dear Valued Customer 04.55
  3. Cliche' 04.25
  4. Langley, Virginia 04.30
  5. Headsand 05.49
  6. Empires 04.17
  7. Naive Giant 05.14
  8. Reigning Terror 07.08
  9. Hey, Christian God 04.40
  10. One Way Ticket To The Womb 04.40
  11. Skinhead 02.57
  12. The Illuminati 05.39
  13. The Yuppie Shall Inherit The Earth 01.44
  14. Gods And Governments 08.24
  15. Dear Valued Customer(Reprise) 06.09
  16. The Golden Rule 02.08

How can you possibly classify a band that within three songs can move from breakbeat political techno to almost a catatonic euro-pop? Snog might be the best possible description and with this new album, Snog keeps doing what it does best, satirizing capitolism and government. As usual the only thing that seems to make any Snog album stay together as one finite piece of reality is its politics and who haven't we poked fun at this time? Name any conspiracy theory or religion and Snog sticks it finger into the torrid affair and stirs up a controversy. As fun as this music is, it often has a serious connotation that no matter what we do as people the basic control elements of religion and government always seem to get in the way. If you've enjoyed any previous Snog album, you'll enjoy this one as well, the songs may be more suited for the dancefloor by the lyrical constant remains the same.

SNOG are:
D. Thrussell
P. Bourke
J. Bourke

Machinery Records
292 S. LaCienga Blvd
Suite 103
Beverly Hills, CA 90211


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