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SMP: Ultimatum

  1. Humanplayer 1:10
  2. Militia Love 4:03
  3. Nil Factor 4:41
  4. Success 4:19
  5. Intensity 6:04
  6. Pre-Emptive 4:39
  7. Fun & Games 4:31
  8. Born of Science (Hybrid Mix) 5:21
  9. Riotstarter 3:57
  10. Negative 4:25
  11. Enemies 4:42
  12. Blackjack 3:49
  13. Electric Prod 3:09
  14. Dial M 4:12
  15. Topside 4:50
  16. Razed 4:42
  17. Gameover 2:27

"Ultimatum" is the long awaited second album by this Seattle trio who has recently had their departed fourth member Sean Setterburg return to the project. Many of you will be surprised that this release is not on the Re-Constriction label, but SMP only had a one album deal, instead they chose to release "Ultimatum" on a local label where they have more creative control of their product. Musically the album retains many of the elements that you have come to expect from SMP, including driving percussion, politically witty vocals, and intelligent samples. However, the album was written mostly by Jason Bazinet alone, during the time period when Sean had left the band to pursue other interests. As a result, not all of the material follows the same rules as on their debut "Stalemate". In fact, the key missing element that I enjoyed the most was the inclusion of hard core rap style vocals and programming mixed with the fusion of riveting drums and guitar feedback. Guitars are very limited on this album, instead more percussion and electronics fill the gaps left behind, including the presence of three live drummers when SMP performs live. Yet, the true essence of SMP still remains to brutally assault you with powerful media unfriendly themes and pulse pounding music.

SMP is:
Jason Bazinet - programming, drums, vocals
Matt - drums, programming
XianDi - drums

Catastrophe Records
P.O. Box 2154
Seattle, WA 98111-2154


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