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SMP: Stalemate

  1. Pure Uncut Anger
  2. Drug Czar
  3. 451
  4. Alcohol Part One
  5. Lethal Weapon
  6. Clementine
  7. Scarlet Letter Part One
  8. Scarlet Letter Part Two
  9. Cops
  10. 1999
  11. Backwards
  12. Homeless
  13. Punch
  14. We've Got A Problem
  15. Christmas At The Pub

Having acquired a copy of SMP's "Stalemate" cassette several years ago I was hoping for more of the same angst filled hip-hop style industrial that they seemed to do so well and I wasn't disappointed. The debut album contains all of the original songs from the six song "Stalemate" cassette plus a cornucopia of new material. The political happenstance mixed with pounding house beats and grinding percussion created by SMP has always appealed to me. They remind me a great deal of PWEI might have become if they had continued along the same guitar avenue as their second album. The rap style lyrics coupled with the more traditional metal industrial hybrid and hip-hop beats are amongst the absolute best I've heard in their paradigm. Albeit the number of musicians that try to create music with this radical mixing of styles are few and far between SMP outshine their brethren with a practiced ease.

SMP are: Sean Setterberg & Jason Bazinet

Re-Constriction Records
4901-906 Morena Blvd
San Diego, CA 92117-3432
(619) 483-9292
Fax: (619) 483-7414


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