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Various Artists: Slip This On & Rock Hard

  1. Rorschach Test - Satan
  2. N17 - Version 1.2
  3. Nihil - Nowhere To Hide
  4. Mary's Window - Penny Red
  5. Final Cut - It Comes Too
  6. 13 Mg. - Way Down
  7. Rorschach Test - Sex (Outsider Mix)
  8. Nihil - Under Me
  9. Final Cut - Shake
  10. N17 - Kontrol (DJ? Acucrack Renix)
  11. Mary's Window - Strychnine (DJ? Acucrack Remix)
  12. 13 Mg. - Sinister (Beat Mix)
  13. Clay People - Car Bomb (live)

Slipdisc Records is really trying hard with the release of their first label sampler after effectively sweeping the market of Industrial crossover acts into their stable this past year. Unfortunately, so many of these acts have no concept of how to mix electronics and guitars without washing out the guitars, one wonders why they use electronics at all. In fact, the best tracks on this compilation are in the form of remixes which remove large portions of the lead guitar and replace them with extra rhythm percussion and electronics. Final Cut is the one exception to this rule, due in part to their years of musical experience dwarfing their contemporaries skills. As a result, the first half of this compilation is best suited for metal lovers, while the second half is for those of you who like a club mix of your favorite Coldwave act. Of course, the title of this compilation is "Slip This On & Rock Hard", but I would have expected a little more than a half dozen rock bands on a supposed Industrial crossover label.

Slipdisc Records
101 W. Grand Suite.#600
Chicago, IL 60610


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