Skuli Sverrisson: Seremonie

  1. Watching Water 6:07
  2. Still 8:23
  3. Org 2:36
  4. Surviving Memory 5:23
  5. The Rain is Not a Metaphor 5:12
  6. Hymnodia 4:44
  7. Crash Frozen 3:27
  8. Blind Spot 6:46
  9. eAn 2:38

Oddly enough this album is composed entirely on the electric bass guitar. Yet an accomplished musician will tell you that this album is totally devoid of the usual sounds you acquire from a bass guitar. Instead, Skuli Sverrisson has distorted, altered, flanged, vibrated, twisted, and ultimately warped the very soul of the instrument he coaxes to life. He does a magnificent job of retaining the warmth of the instrument while ultimately sacrificing the cliched ridden sound most people have come to expect from this instrument. Skuli is able to do what few guitar musicians have been able to do, which is rekindle my long lost respect for guitar players. He stands together with the likes of Jim O'Rourke and K.K. Null as people who have truly distorted the modern view point of what a guitar should sound like. Instead they have chosen to tear down the conventional walls of music in favor of hauntingly composed arrangements of distorted chords, bass lines, and pitchshifting.

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