Album Cover

Six Sigma: Detente

  1. Cinco July-O
  2. Room For One More
  3. Save Our State
  4. Operate Alone
  5. Maquiladora

Six Sigma return with a new release after almost two years of silence. This time around the band seems to have taken my advice and totally avoided the dreadful vocal work of the past and instead focuses on the stellar sample arrangements they do so well. As with most Six Sigma material, the topic of choice for their music is none other than local California politics such as Proposition 209. Six Sigma mixes samples taken from a variety of new sources with upbeat electronic music to create a very poignant satire of the political positions taken by certain California legislators and spokespersons. I for one am certainly shocked at some of the political career ending statements that appear in some of these songs and glad that someone is using them in a creative manner to make sure that these politicians get their just deserts. With the release of "Detente", Six Sigma have joined the ranks of such sample wizards as Negativland and John Oswald.

Six Sigma is: K. Berry


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