Sister Machine Gun: Metropolis

  1. This Metal Sky
  2. Desperation
  3. Temptation
  4. Think
  5. Living Without You
  6. Torque
  7. White Lightning
  8. Everything
  9. What Do You Want From Me
  10. Admit
  11. Bitter End
  12. Cut Down

Once again Sister Machine Gun has released an album that builds strongly on previous material, yet still moves relentlessly forward into new musical arenas in an effort to avoid remaining stagnant. "Metropolis" marks the fourth SMG release and the first concept album attempted. In this case "Metropolis" is frontman Chris Randall's personal interpretation of the classic science fiction film of the same name. The album starts out with a spoken word, noise collage reminiscent of Nicole Blackman's 'Dogma' from KMFDM's "Xtort", immediately diving into classical SMG material by the second track. The remainder of the album utilizes a mixture of brass instruments, drum'n'bass rhythms, club friendly guitar usage, and the occasional ballad. Whereas the last SMG album was deemed too far off the beaten path for the release of a single by TVT Records, "Metropolis" incorporates just enough pop-sensibility to offer a handful of single choices while still retaining enough experimentation to avoid being accused of being a sell-out. "Metropolis" is by far the best SMG album to date and should please even the most skeptical fans who were turned off by the release of "Burn".

Sister Machine Gun is: Chris Randall

TVT Records
23 E. 4th St.
New York, NY 10003

E-mail: smg@smg.org

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