Album Cover

Sirvix: Her Dead Love

  1. Sirvix Est Haec
  2. The Dark Tide
  3. Archeron
  4. Cocytus
  5. Phlegethon
  6. Lethe
  7. Styx
  8. Lost
  9. Voices
  10. Feed The Nightmare
  11. Firelights

This album is broken up into two distinct halves with the first portion being the musical accompaniment of the five rivers of hell and the second focusing more on the individual aspects, personas and divisions of hell. Sirvix does an excellent job in developing and designing what a soundtrack to hell might truly sound like. The dark one himself might want to give Sirvix a job assembling all the wailing torture souls into a cacophonic orchestra designed to annihilate any mortal survival instinct and pound them into submission. To get an idea what each of the various tracks sound like you might consider picking up a copy of Dantes Inferno and examining the reference maps of what Virgil felt the physical layout of hell was in his minds eye. Then compare the classical reference of what each region symbolizes by inserting various ambient experimental souls being tortured as an acoustic device. Thereby, perhaps gaining a reasonable appreciation of the talent evident in this band.

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