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Signal Aout 42: Immortal Collection 1983-95

  1. Overture: Fatal Attraction 4:10
  2. Behind The Line 4:14
  3. Waterdome 1:45
  4. Dead is Calling 3:18
  5. Why Not 3:36
  6. To Talk Nonsense 4:35
  7. Pro Patria 3:29
  8. Try To Survive 3:50
  9. You Are 4:05
  10. Shadow Man 4:45
  11. Don't Remember 4:04
  12. To Paint 4:35
  13. Carnival 5:13
  14. Everybody Loves You 3:45
  15. In The Name Of ... 4:23
  16. Pleasure and Crime ?:??

This album is a collection of Signal Aout 42 material which has tracks from all across their twelve year career. Five of the tracks are brand new, nine appear in their original versions, and final two are remixes. For most part, the entire album is stereotypical electro with little to no variance. There are some obviously dated tracks present on the album which is to be expected due to the age of some of the material. The older material uses more strings and has a trance feel to it while the newer material is more percussion based and is better suited for club play. All of the tracks use a very traditional 4/4 beats and measures which has a tendency to make many of the sound similar to each other. However, creative use of vocal samples and the lack of many keyboard presets are enough to keep this album from being too boring.

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