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Shinjuku Thief: The Witch Hammer

  1. Tolkorn
  2. Waltz of the Midwives
  3. The Witch Hammer
  4. Smell of Nightfall
  5. A Midnight Mass
  6. Wolfzahn
  7. Poena Damni
  8. Trespassing the Gates
  9. The Darkened Psalm
  10. Totenheer
  11. Burkhardt of Worms
  12. Flight of the Screech Owls
  13. Warm as Blood Beneath the Clods
  14. In the Path of Walpurga's Ashes

An album more suited to perhaps the classical or orchestral section of music store than the gothic industrial section which I acquired this CD. Intense reverberations of sound, veiled walls of deceit, thundering crashes of vigor and trickling brooks all permeate throughout the symphonic masterpiece that is "The Witch Hammer." The percussion is very light in this particular Shinjuku Thief release with the focus instead being placed on found sound manipulation and ambient textures weaved together to entrance the listener to accept the world the the music has built as reality. The music has evolved to a point when all that it needs to exist in our technological reality is the breath of life of a dedicated listener who cannot help but fall into the depths of the music and become intrigued enough to never leave. This album surely exists as a stand alone model of perfection all alone in the dark.

Dorobo Records
P.O. Box 22
Glen Waverly
Victoria 3150


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