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Shinjuku Filth: Junk

  1. Detox
  2. Showered In Glass
  3. Urashima Taro
  4. Bridge Sermon
  5. The Junk
  6. Vogelfrei II
  7. Fade (remix)
  8. Eugenics 1st Movement
  9. Obsidious (mudmix)
  10. Log Cabin Fever
  11. 17/21

Shinjuku Thief tries their hand with experimental electro on this new side project. If you've had any prior experience with Shinjuku Thief don't expect any of the wondrously cohesive orchestral storylines on this album. Each tracks exists uniquely on its own accord apart from any type of stageplay concept. Instead looks towards bands such as Doubting Thomas to describe the style of music found on this release. Various modern electronic elements are utilized in concert with some of the experimental effects that you've come to expect from Shinjuku Thief along with more than a fair share of horror movies samples. The mildly addictive nature of this albums seems to manifested it self as this album has spent more that it's allotted time share in my stereo as of late. Part of the musical allurement is derived from the fact for once a band with extensive musical training is now experimenting with some of the more popular electronic musical styles and as an end result is advancing the genre beyond the tunnel vision sights of some of the other premire electronic club bands. Close attention should be payed to other artists on the Dorobo Records label in the next few years to see where this direction will take the genre.

Dorobo Records
P.O. Box 22
Glen Waverly
Victoria 3150

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