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Shining: Din

  1. Hysteria (Die Krupps Mix)
  2. My Hollywood
  3. Somewhere Else
  4. Obsession
  5. Out of This Hole
  6. Pleasure Ride
  7. Horizon (featuring Abigal Hatherley)
  8. Fuel
  9. Backstabbing
  10. Hysteria (Original Mix)

One would expect that when Julian Beeston left Nitzer Ebb before their final album "Big Hit", he did so because he didn't agree with the radical musical shift of the band's music. Yet, when one listens to the debut album of Julian's solo project Shining, all you hear is music that would have worked as a second half of the Nitzer Ebb death knell album. The Rock influences are numerous, the Pop lyrics and ballads all scream for this album to be the staple of commercial radio. In fact, not a single track album fits the standard Electro-Industrial model. Every song is best compared to bands like Gravity Kills, Machines of Loving Grace and Stabbing Westward, Rock music with keyboards, making Shining more than a bit of a disappointment.

Shining is: Julian Beeston

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