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Sheep on Drugs: Two For The Show

  1. Uberman
  2. Let The Good Times Roll
  3. X-Lover
  4. Come Fly With Me
  5. A to H
  6. Motorbike
  7. WCFM
  8. Dirt Box Blues
  9. 15 Minutes of Fame
  10. Here To Stay

Recorded during their 1996 tours in four cities across the United States, Sheep on Drugs' "Two For The Show" is a rather disappointing live album. When I originally saw Sheep on Drugs, I thought the witty banter with the audience, as provided by frontman Duncan X was fresh and original. Unfortunately when I hear the live album, I realize it was all scripted. The other problem with this release is that Sheep on Drugs are not a great live act. Most of their music resides on DAT so a live album doesn't allow much in the way of improvisation. The only saving grace for this release are versions of 'Motorbike' and '15 Minutes of Fame' which are impossible to find domestically because the original albums are out of print. Overall, you are better off purchasing the original albums "One For The Money" and "Double Trouble", seeing that the live album is musically identical.

Sheep on Drugs are: Lee & Duncan X

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60618


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