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Sheep on Drugs: Never Mind The Methadone

  1. WCFM (Silicon Modulation Mix)
  2. Life is Just a Game (PhylrRemix)
  3. Come Fly With Me (Matera E I Suoi Postini Mix)
  4. She's Hot (Hot Mix)
  5. Crimttime (Hellbound Screwdriver Mix)
  6. Money Machine (Longer Stronger Mix)
  7. X-Lover (Ashtrayhead Mix)
  8. Bong Track (Tropical Underworld Jacktronic Mix)
  9. Strange Days (Money Mix)
  10. Back in Black (Pigface vs. S.O.D.)

Sheep on Drugs return after only a brief time since their studio release with a brand new remix album consisting of material taken from "One For The Money" and "Double Trouble". Due to the diverse nature of the remixers at work on "Never Mind the Methadone", which include such notorious villains as Genesis P-Orridge, M Teho Teardo, David Wright, Marc Heal and Justin Coleman, each track is effectively new material. The pulsating Trance version of 'WCFM', the meandering dub of 'Life is Just a Game' and the hardcore techno of 'Crimetime', all exhibit just a fraction of the extensive reworking of the original material. So remember kiddies, don't become one of the sheep, instead, pounce on another hapless victim so you can get the money you need for the drug that is "Never Mind the Methadone".

Sheep on Drugs is: Lee & Duncan

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60618


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