Album Cover

Sheep on Drugs: One For The Money

  1. Crime Time
  2. The Money Machine
  3. Waiting For The Man
  4. Strange Days
  5. Life Is Just A Game
  6. Come Fly With Me
  7. She's Hot
  8. Joyrider
  9. WCFM
  10. X-Lover

Following hot on the heels of their second US tour comes the first full length Sheep On Drugs album in more years than I can remember. "One For The Money" also happens to be the first SOD release recorded outside of England since the band formed. While recorded locally, this new album incorporates a great deal of the current popular English electronic music movements. Breakbeats and Acid House loops seem to be the most prevalent elements but there are a fair amount of Drum and Basse style influence as well. There is also more than the usual amount of SOD insanity and word games on this album. If fun music is what you are looking for then you most certainly have found it. Duncan & Lee once again poke fun at every subculture, political movement and economic strata, usually starting with themselves. So just lay back, crank the bass and laugh yourself to tears with the latest satirical nonsense from the Ewes on Booze.

Sheep on Drugs are: Duncan X & Lee

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60616


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