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Sheep on Drugs: Double Trouble

  1. Come Fly With Me 3:18
  2. Coma 5:41
  3. Talk About Drugs 5:30
  4. Comatose 5:31
  5. Come Fly With Me * 2 3:16
  6. X-Lover 3:57
  7. Night Fever 5:42
  8. Here To Stay 3:51
  9. And More 2:07

"Double Trouble" is the domestic US release of the "Suck" and "Strapped For Cash" EP's that originally appeared only in Europe on Island/Smersh Records. Since being dropped by Island Records, Duncan has been working furiously to reacquire the rights to his older music and this album signals the beginning of a batch of older material that will be domestically released for the first time. The first half of the album consists of some of the slowest material ever written by the Ewes on Booze. These tracks first appeared on the "Suck" EP and are quite unlike any of the other Sheep on Drugs release, past, present or future. The second half of the album is more of the traditional mayhem and oblique fanfare that listeners have come to expect from band which sounds like no other. While Sheep on Drugs have evolved from Acid House roots, they have long since left the genre and become something altogether different, much like their brethren Pop Will Eat Itself who derived their early sound from the late punk movement and moved towards electronics. Expect a new album soon which is being recorded between the United States tour and other press dates.

Sheep on Drugs are: Duncan X & Lee

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60616


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