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Various Artists: Sheen

Disc 1:

  1. Lassigue Bendthaus - Overflow
  2. Test Dept - Zenergy
  3. Kode IV - Dissolve
  4. Swains - Unfulfilled Desire
  5. Exquisite Corpse - Between Worlds
  6. The Ultimate Life Experience - Escape From Noise
  7. P.W.O.G. - Kraak

Disc 2

  1. Riuo - ... Mi
  2. Sielwolf - Beweglich Animalisch
  3. Numb - Fugue
  4. Plastic Noise Experience - Visage
  5. The Square Root of Sub - Skysweeper
  6. DHI - Black Hour
  7. 2nd Communication - Abyss of Time

This compilation acquaints the listener with the ambient, experimental, and techno sides of this well-known Belgian label. Even acts who are not readily recognized for their ambient/ atmospheric styles, such as Numb, DHI, and PNE, display their more experimental/noise sides. The track by Sielwolf (remixed by Lassigue Bendthaus) is a brutal, slaughterhouse dance track that will pound you into submission with its intense, annihilating beat and its speed-fueled techno rhythms. Lassigue Bendthaus provides a track which shows why this band is considered one of the innovators in the techno scene. Even though this track clocks in at almost 13 minutes, this song manages to always keep the listener involved and does not turn into a mass of repetitive rhythms and beats. On the whole, Disc 1 provides the listener with more of a danceable and techno style with many tracks being accentuated with a ritualistic feeling; Disc 2 gives the listener more of an experimental and ambient flavor throughout. But often the different styles from each disc are blended together on individual tracks on both discs, which brings a very complete and cohesive feeling to this compilation. (Kevin Congdon)

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