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Severed Heads: Gigapus

  1. Heart of the Party
  2. Tiny Wounded Bird
  3. ANIMal
  4. The importance of Hair
  5. Repetitive Strain Injury
  6. Arrivederci Coma
  7. DOLLARex
  8. Cabbalaland (with M.C. Newsagent)
  9. Snow
  10. Somewhere Over the Gigapus
  11. Courier
  12. Pure
  13. About Leah & Adele
  14. Nightime Falls

Severed Heads returns on this domestic version of an original 1994 Australian only release. Tom Ellard has always been known for his bizarre sensibility and inane music structure but this album takes the cake. Perhaps I've outgrown the synth pop of my youth but I find this album to be a frightenly evil and twisted example of the late British synth pop movement. Just when you think you've possibly heard ever sick and evil piece of music composition, Severed Heads steps in and throws you for a loop. One can see where many of the second generation industrial artists derived their origins on this modern example of a degenerative musical technique. The only person who could possibly have a more annoying singing voice than Tom Ellard would perhaps be Edward Ka-Spel of the Legendary Pink Dots and it might even be a close contest. The whole album comes off as an inordinately unsuitable example of electronic composition. I don't even want to imagine where some of the samples were taken or how this music was written for fear that it might lead to the torrid depths of my own mind. Bile rises in my throat as each second ticks away on the disc player console as I experience the same shocking disgust that came over as I finished watching such films as "Seven" and "A Clockwork Orange". Tom Ellard needs to be locked away before he drives any more innocent listeners to the brink of their mortal constraints.

Severed Heads is: Tom Ellard

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615 N. Milwaukee St
Milwaukee WI, 53202


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