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Secular Mechanism: Disciple

  1. Disciple
  2. Insignificant Other
  3. Wretch

Secular Mechanism remind me of the younger brother of the Revolting Cocks. Long grinding electronic loops, run alongside slide and acoustic guitar. The lyrics are a farcical look at domestic disputes laced with numerous layers of sarcasm and tongue in cheek commentary. You might almost confuse the band for a country western industrial band with the amount of slide guitar used on "Insignificant Other". The vocals are crisp and clear RevCo clones with the appropriate sneer in just the right places. I'll have to give the band a lot of credit for coming up with a original musical context while drawing on the influences of a band I've never seen anyone else try to sound like. The only downer is the CD is only an EP and consists of three tracks. I'd like to hear more by Secular Mechanism as I think that if they can maintain the same amount of irony adorned by the amusing musical techniques that they might be able to draw a cult following much like the deranged people who enjoy the Revolting Cocks.

Secular Mechanism is:
Neal Keller - rhythms, words, vox, production
Eric Keller - guitars

Eine Kleine Totenmusik
P.O. Box 10410
Arlington, VA 22201
(703) 522-4227


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