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Secret Army: Its Just a Container

  1. The Real Deal
  2. Could Have Been
  3. That's How It Sees
  4. Pez Dispenser
  5. The Movement
  6. Turning Around
  7. Cabal (Addict)
  8. The Illusion
  9. A Very Rational Conversation
  10. The Way That A Cow Does
  11. Reality Check

Secret Army may have just sent electronic music back several decades as far as musical evolution with the release of "Its Just a Container". Not only do they attempt to mix together Funk, Jazz, and other Groove elements, but they also threw in Disco, Synth-Pop, and Wave, thereby creating a collection of some of the most atrocious genres of music ever written. On top of it all, they throw in Porn samples, lounge music, guitars, and modern Dance elements to create this bizarre Pop hybrid of just about every conceivable electronic genre in existence. Unfortunately, I can see how the Alternative and Pop music press will eat this band up as the next new hit act. Today's popular music acts seems to all be going through the electronic hybridization that has given us such annoying acts as Beck and Bjork. I can't understand why the credit carrying public enjoy this type of music because it is painful to listen to, but no matter the reason, I predict Secret Army will join the same ranks, no matter how atrocious I may consider their music to be.

Secret Army is: Mike Bandolik, Jon Lakiotes, Ron Scalzo & Verderame


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