The Screaming Tribesmen: Infectious Beats

Infectious Beats Volume One

  1. Gimme What U Want 4:42
  2. Midnight Jam (Sax Jam) 7:20
  3. Transcontinental Drag Queen 5:00
  4. Dynamite 5:34

Infectious Beats Volume Two

  1. Take Your Shirt Off 5:58
  2. Feel The Rush 6:57
  3. Infectious Beats 4:40
  4. Control (Traci Lords) remix 6:16

Unusally sparse and slower techno music. As far as music is concerned the same percussion track seems to be used throughout the majority of the tracks. This along with the overused electronic cymbals tend to make the music mildly repetitive in places. However, the musical growth since Clarence Din's previous release is enormous. Instead of producing brain dead techno he has achieved a very distinct sound with his new musical partner bordering on lounge techno. Many of the tracks would be excellent for the slow dances between high BPM tracks. A unique club sound that might well make it to someplace like MTV The Grind.

The Screaming Tribesman are: Clarence Dins and John Wells

Copies available $7 plus shipping.

Smokin' Zulu Records
2300 Walnut Street #405
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 898-4714


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