Album Cover

Scorn: Whine

  1. Not Answering
  2. Twitcher
  3. Strand
  4. Beat 3
  5. Well Sorted
  6. Check The Sonic
  7. 416
  8. Aurora
  9. Beat 4
  10. Beat 2 Mix
  11. Beat 3 Mix
  12. Who Know Mix

With the final release of the now defunct Scorn project, Mick Harris offers us a glipse of the live Scorn performance as well as a few tracks that were to be part of an EP before the debacle with KK Records that ultimatelty lead to the termination of Scorn. This particular live performance was recorded in Rome Italy on May 3, 1997 with the aid of Eraldo Bernocchi, best known for his work with Mick in Overload Lady, on guitar. While, most of the material from this live performance was taken from the last studio album "Zander", don't expect to be able to recognize each track from the outset. The nature of live Scorn performances seems to be one of improvisation and a drastic reworking of the original source material. Ultimately this makes for an almost entirely new record, because the live material is so radically different than the album versions. Also, don't forget the four brand new tracks, tacked onto the end of "Whine", that mark the final Scorn material that will ever grace the audience's ears. We wish Mick Harris luck with whatever musical endeavor he might choose next and relish the final moment that was the splendor of Scorn.

Scorn is: Mick Harris

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60618


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