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Scorn: Logghi Barogghi

  1. Look At That
  2. Do The Geek
  3. The Next Days
  4. Spongie
  5. Out Of
  6. It's On
  7. Logghi Barogghi
  8. Black Box II
  9. Nut
  10. A Mission
  11. Pithering Twat
  12. Fumble
  13. Weakener
  14. Go

Mick Harris returns with his last Scorn release on Earache Records. This time Mick had chosen to walk down the ultra minimalistic path with emphasis of being mellow. Most of the songs consist of maybe two to three drum loops with a single backing track of ambient noise and to my surprise, a track of vocals. The quality of the recording might be from a full digital, 24 track studio, but each track sounds likes it was written exclusively on a four track to preserve the low tech dub feel. A few of the tracks do wander into deeper material, but for the most part it appears that this album is the most minimal ever written. Even with the surprise return of Mick's vocals do little to dissuade away from the obvious lack of sound present on this album. Mick seems to be working more with the concept of the absence of noise rather than with the intricate soundscapes of previous albums. It's difficult to formulate any type of solid opinion on an album that doesn't appear to be complete and yet appears to have hidden so much within the confines of so little. I'll just have to be content in knowing that Mick knows more of what he is doing that I surely do and leave it at that.

Scorn is: Mick Harris

Earache Records
295 Lafayette St
Suite 915
New York, NY 10012


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