Album Cover

Scorn: Gyral

  1. Six Hours One Week
  2. Time Went Slow
  3. Far In Out
  4. Stairway
  5. Forever Turning
  6. Black Box
  7. Hush
  8. Trondheim - Gavle

'Gyral' marks the departure of Nick Bullen from Scorn and the beginning of the now solo project of Mick Harris. 'Gyral' continues along the same path upon which 'Evanescence' trod. Ambient dub with swirls o. percussion and simplistic layers of electronic sound washes. My only real complaint with this new album is that there seems have been absolutely musical growth between it's predecessor. One would think that with the absence of one of the core band members that Scorn would have changed it's musical direction in at least some minuscule way but it is simply not the case. 'Gyral' while a brilliantly constructed album for the uninitiated leaves a something to be desired from the diehard fan who has followed Mick along his musical progression and would like him to expand his repertoire beyond what they have experienced in the past and towards another level of musical transcendence.

Scorn is: Mick Harris

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