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Scorn: Ellipsis

  1. Silver Rain Fell (Meat Beat Manifesto Mix)
  2. Exodus (Scorn Mix)
  3. Dreamspace (Coil - Shadow Vs Executioner Mix)
  4. Night Ash Black (Bill Laswell - Slow Black Underground River Mix)
  5. Night Tide (Scanner - Flaneur Electronique Mix)
  6. Falling (Autoechre - FR 13 Mix)
  7. The End (P.C.M. - Nightmare Mix)
  8. Automata (Germ Mix)
  9. Light Trap (Scorn Mix)

Eight excellent remixes from the previously released album "Evanescence" and one new track remixed by Bill Laswell, life can't get much better than this. Fresh from the rumors of the break-up of Scorn comes "Ellipsis" rising from the ashes to proclaim the continued existence of the band. It turns out that Nick is simply leaving the band to carry on other musical endeavors and Michael will continue on as he always has and find another bass player just like every second album he has ever released. The remixes themselves are deep ambient dub with throbbing bass and low keynote guitars rumbling distantly in the background. The kind of music that inspires nightmares of distant chaotic planes filled with dark clouds and cackling demons. The perfect music to fall asleep too right after a exhilarating concert or night on the town thereby inspiring the continued experience throughout your sleep.

Scorn is: Michael Harris & Nick Bullen

Earache Records
295 Lafayette St.
Suite 915
New York, NY 10012
(212) 343-9090


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