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Schaft: Switchblade

  1. Olive
  2. The Hero Inside
  3. Thirsty Fly
  4. SKFI0047
  5. Nothing
  6. Slice
  7. Broken English
  8. Merry Christmas on Mars
  9. Information
  10. Visual Cortex
  11. Fetid Air
  12. Arbor Vitate
  13. Cold Light

This is Japanese band "industrial" band with help from Raymond Watts. Raymond contributes with the programming and some guitars; he also does vocals on half of the songs, and these particular tracks sound very similar to his solo stuff with Pig (aggressive depravity with some big band samples mixed in here and there), with a little more chaotic edge to it. Raymond also has a tendency to re-use some of his lyrics from his solo work, but unlike KMFDM, he surrounds them with a different sound and atmosphere so that they come across in a totally different light. While the songs involving Raymond are the best on the album, the two actual members of the band show they are very adept at composing a wide variety of styles (using different vocalists on each song) -- from the new-wavish Broken English' to the atmospheric, sound piece of Olive' to the Dead Can Dance-like Visual Cortex'. Every one of these tracks are remixes with such names as Autechre (who provide an incredible techno-ambient twist), Meat Beat Manifesto, and Coil delving their very capable hands into this process. However, since these are all remixes, it does leave some confusion as to how the two members original material sound likes. (Kevin Congdon)

Schaft is:
Imai Hisashi - guitars, vocals,noises
Fuji Maki - electric devices, computer programming, acoustic piano, noises
with Raymond Watts - vocals, computer programming, guitars, noises


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