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Scar Tissue: Rebuild

  1. Double Blind (Subjective Mix) 5:58
  2. Subterrain (Cleener Version) 6:55
  3. Remembrane (Nerve Filter Mix) 6:20
  4. Cascade (Cevin Key Mix) 4:53
  5. Soiled (Necromix) 5:24
  6. Subterranean Screens (Railgun Mix) 4:57
  7. Not Your Own (Tensor Terminated Mix) 5:08
  8. Scsix (New Mind Mix) 4:57
  9. Intro (Live, at The Fenix in Seattle) 0:30
  10. Choking on Fate (live) 4:20
  11. Afekt 2:52
  12. Mammoth 3:51
  13. Lattice 6:20
  14. Concealed Toy 3:51
  15. Crashtime (SMP Remix) 3:47
  16. Identified By Dental Records (Perception Mix) 3:55

Scar Tissue haven't rested much since the release of their second album "TMOTD", instead they spent their time writing new material and obtaining remixes for their third release "Rebuild". This new remix album contains four brand new tracks, as well as remixes and live versions of material from "Seperator" and "TMOTD", a cover of Scar Tissue material by SMP and even remixes of New Mind and 3D House of Beef tracks. If there is a way to reinterpret music that isn't covered by this collection, I certainly don't know what it is. The liner notes for "Rebuild" explain each track in copious detail. I won't spoil it all by regurgitating it here. Suffice it to say, there is not a bad track on this release. Scar Tissue continues to exhibit a talent for grinding percussion and dark electronics that surely will make European electronic artists jealous for years to come.

Scar Tissue is:
Steve Watkins - sampling, sequencing, vocals, percussion, bass
Philip Caldwell - guitar, sampling, sequencing, bass, toys

21st Circuitry Records
P.O. Box 170100
San Francisco, CA 94117


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