Album Cover

Scar Tissue: TMOTD

  1. Crashtime
  2. Cascade
  3. Not Your Own
  4. A Million Screens
  5. Aftermath
  6. Switch
  7. Membrane
  8. Gravity
  9. In This Place
  10. Subterrain
  11. Crying Response Machine
  12. Laughing Response Machine
  13. The Devices

With the release of their sophomore effort, Scar Tissue appears to be moving slightly away from all percussion oriented pieces and toward a little more fluid electronic compositions. Some of this may be due in part to their first album consisting of older material rather than their current body of work. This new album, while still retaining much of the original feel of "Separator", continues to expand into new territory with an increased used of vocal samples, and keyboard rhythms. "TMOTD", also contains a few of the older tracks that didn't make it onto Scar Tissue's first album, as a sort of noise medley at the end of the record. In his role as lead vocalist, and percussion wizard, Steve Watkins, has also continued to mix both pre-written and improvised lyrics throughout the album. This type of free form improvisation has always been one of Scar Tissue's strongest points, and it is good to see that Steve is continuing with that type of song writing. Overall, "TMOTD", does what most sophomore albums fail to do, it breaks new ground without sacrificing all of the lessons learned previously, thereby making it a much more cohesive effort.

Scar Tissue is:
Steve Watkins - sampling, sequencing, vocals, percussion, bass
Phillip Caldwell - guitar, sampling, sequencing, bass, toys

21st Circuitry Records
P.O. Box 170100
San Francisco, CA 94117


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