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Sappho's Fist: Disturbance Pulse

Side 1:

  1. Bird Ladders 11:05
  2. Disturbance Pulse #1 5:16
  3. Blue Shift 12:48

Side 2:

  1. Disturbance Pulse #2 4:13
  2. Terrorized 10:40
  3. The Waves 13:46

Sappho's Fist is a spoken word electronic audio experiment that utilizes no MIDI interfaces of any kind and as a result has a very raw and unfiltered feeling to it. The hand assembled cassette arrives in a purple bubble packages with assorted liner notes and essays glued to the outside and included as inserts. The whole package has this eerie simplicity to it and seems to stand alone both as a work of art and a aural medium. The music is naked and uncut with short individually packaged stories read over certain sections. Some of the verbal material is very suggestive and a little twisted at times, describing unusual situations at common public events. Other pieces are more like poetry and prose and repeat themselves in cyclical fashion. Sappho's Fist seems to be more of a performance art style of music than something you sit down and listen to in a static medium. Something seems to be missing performance wise without the addition of some type of multimedia stage show complete with costumes and lighting to accentuate the final production. However for what the music is worth at face value, if your are coming into the music expecting an absence of refinement as part of the musical experience then Sappho's Fist might be something you'd enjoy.

Sappho's Fist are: Frank Smith & Amy Kirk

Tapes available $6 US / $8 World postage paid

Little Man Productions
10 Pearson Avenue #3
Somerville, MA 02144-2306


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