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Salvo: The Cult of Speed

  1. Face
  2. Modus Operandi
  3. Guttersnipe
  4. Stick
  5. Frogger
  6. Superconscious
  7. Dionne Warwick is Going Straight to Hell
  8. Virtue

Salvo has returned to the scene after soliciting a single demo tape over a year ago to me that I simply could not stop raving about. This debut album contains all three tracks, albeit renamed and slightly reworked, as well as a handful of new material. Unfortunately, those three demo tracks are perhaps the best material on the album. I had high hopes that perhaps with the strength of the demo, the new tracks would be astounding but it simply isn't the case. In any event, just because the remainder of the album doesn't measure up to the demo material isn't any reason to rule the rest of the album out. In fact, the new material is leaps and bounds above the majority of the independently released electro projects in America. Salvo definitely knows a thing or two about programming and orchestration and they are definitely not afraid to strut their talent. Their music is keyed for both the club scene and radio airplay and while not the fastest music ever written, can still pack quite a mean bass line. So with tracks like 'Guttersnipe', 'Frogger', and 'Virtue', leading the way, I expect Salvo to reach the top of the pack fairly quickly.

Salvo is:
Dan Kirkhaus - keyboard programming, vocals, sound design, guitars
Peter Auslan - guitars, additional drum & keyboard programming, low voice

Smart Fist Records
205 East 14th Street
New York, NY 10003


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