Album Cover

Rx: Bedside Toxicology

  1. Scarecrow
  2. K Y Re:amin
  3. Reuptake
  4. Downtown
  5. Imago
  6. Crackhead Waltz
  7. The Daze
  8. And When
  9. Idle Contact
  10. Exfoliate
  11. For Dusts and Mists

Ogre finally breaks several years of creative musical silence with the release of Rx co-written with Martin Atkins. Of course, Ogre appeared on the most recent KMFDM album and even toured with the band, but that wasn't the Ogre we have all grown to love. Rx is a project about being true to one's self and creating the kind of music you want without having to worry about what other people or record label executives say. As a result, Ogre and Martin take a number of chances with minimalism and extensive use of acoustic guitars and natural vocals. The duo even cover two different songs, including a rare Syd Barrett solo track 'Scarecrow' which opens the album and 'Downtown' by Petula Clarke. Percussion plays an integral part in the upbeat sections of the album, but each track is just as likely to be slow and melancholy as it is to be rhythmic and danceable. All these radical differences between Rx and Skinny Puppy might be a bit too much for some fans to handle, but I think the whole experience is rather cathartic for both musicians who really needed to just let loose and write something close to the heart for once in their life.

Rx is: Martin Atkins & Nivek Ogre

Invisible Records
P.O. Box 16008
Chicago, IL 60618


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