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Ruby: Stroking The Full Length

  1. Swallow Baby (Single Mix) 3:44
  2. Hoops (Eli Janney Mix) 3:47
  3. Flippin' Tha Bird (Ceasefire Mix) 5:03
  4. Salt Water Fish (Peshay Mix) 8:24
  5. Tiny Meat (Meat For The Feet Dub) 6:27
  6. The Whole is Equal to the Sum of its Parts (Grantby Mix) 4:18

What frustrates me most about remix EP's are when the included press kit heralds it as nothing short of pious when in reality it is nothing but a collection of loosely mixed presets. I thought the whole purpose of a remix was to instill some of personal creativity of the artists involved in the remix upon the original track. Since when did that include hastily slapping together a few looped presets and calling it a masterpiece? The only saving grace of this EP is the CD-ROM track which contains complete music videos of "Paraffin", "Hoops", and "Tiny Meat" as well as a CD Extra bonus track, photos and artwork. Without this extra information the only useful purpose this EP would provide is that of a coaster for my beverages.

Ruby is: Lesley Rankine & Mark Walk

Creation Records
2100 Colorado Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90404

E-mail: none

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